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Letting go – who do you want to become?

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes: let go of the person you are to become the person you are capable of becoming. Transformation can happen at any time. But at certain times, it is easier to let go of emotional baggage and redefine who you want to be. Be it during a caesura like these days – or when heading into high altitude deserts by bike, all by yourself. Enjoy the new episode of my podcast!

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Embrace your vulnerability – because that is life

Discover the strength in vulnerability. This is likely one of the most personal episodes I will ever record. Handling the tragic accident of a close friend. Experiencing another loved one battling cancer. Approaching the snowy Pamir mountains alone on a bicycle. What do these situations have in common? They show us how fragile life can be. Embracing this vulnerability can leed to a deep respect for nature – and to an even deeper compassion towards others. Join me for this very personal episode.

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The beauty of less – minimalism revisited

Discover the beauty of having less! We all experience scarcity in some form at the moment – from restricted social interactions to a favorite food item that may be lacking. Or, during my bike expedition, from searching apples in Mongolia to repairing torn clothing when you run out of thread. How can we use this scarcity to raise our appreciation and to tap into our creativity? Enjoy the third episode of my new podcast!

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