An unsupported, solo cycling expedition

through Asia and the Middle East, 

inspired by the ancient silk roads

Anne Bordeaux, flippedHello and welcome to this site!

My name is Anne – 33-year old athlete / blogger / scientist from Berlin, Germany. This site is about my biggest travel adventure so far: a solo cycling expedition, originally intended to follow the ancient Silk roads westwards. So far, the journey has led me through Central Asia, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula and who knows where else on this beautiful planet. 
While I also wrote about the preparation phase in Berlin, my reports will mostly be from the road – and I would be delighted if you joined me virtually for this adventure!

Enjoy reading!signature_small

Photo calendar 2017

I am very excited to announce that my photo calendar 2017 is out! The calendar follows my journey with 12 photos from the 12 countries that I explored so far on this solo cycling expedition through Asia and the Middle East. Thousands of kilometers, more than a year in the saddle (and still pedaling). Enjoy stunning photography far off the beaten track, from the awe-inspiring Karakorum in Pakistan to the endless steppe of Mongolia. Find out more about the calendar here. Ignite your wanderlust!

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off all calendars 
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