An unsupported, solo cycling expedition

through Asia and the Middle East, 

inspired by the ancient silk roads

Anne Bordeaux, flippedHello and welcome to this site!

My name is Anne – 34-year old athlete / blogger / scientist from Berlin, Germany. This site is about my biggest travel adventure so far: a solo cycling expedition, inspired by the ancient silk roads. So far, the journey has led me through Asia and the Middle East – but who knows, which part of this beautiful planet I will be exploring next?
I love to share my experiences from the road with you, both in writing and with my photography. You can find all of my travel reports here on my blog. I would be delighted if you joined me virtually for this adventure!

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Photo calendar 2018

Surprise! Another year ahead, another beautiful photo calendar on the horizon.
I am very excited to announce that my new photo calendar 2018 is out! Some lucky ones could already get their hands on a calendar at the Frankfurt book fair. For all the others: I’d be very happy to take your pre-orders! The concept is the same as last year, but with new, beautiful photos that I have not published elsewhere yet.

The calendar follows my journey with 13 new photos from the 13 countries that I explored on my solo cycling expedition through Asia and the Middle East. Thousands of kilometers, more than a year in the saddle. Enjoy stunning photography far off the beaten track, from the awe-inspiring Karakorum in Pakistan to the endless steppe of Mongolia. Find out more about the calendar and have a look at the photos here. Ignite your wanderlust!