An unsupported, solo cycling expedition

through Asia and the Middle East, 

inspired by the ancient silk roads

Hello and welcome to this site!

My name is Anne – and I explore the world in a slow, conscious way: Traveling overland. Solo. By bicycle. I turned my passion into my profession, sharing my experiences from the road as an author, photographer and public speaker. Inspiration, deceleration and an eye for the essentials in life – you will find all of that and more in my immersive multimedia talks, stunning photography prints and captivating books. Let me take you far off the beaten track, be it into the homes and hearts of local people or into the solitude of breathtakingly beautiful nature.

I am filled to the brim with stories from my last adventure: more than a year on the road inspired by the ancient silk roads, cycling solo through Asia and the Middle East (have a look at my travel reports here on my blog). I cannot wait to share those experiences with you  in person – and hopefully soon, before I embark onto my next expedition. Who knows which part of this beautiful planet I will be exploring next?

Ride along!

Hallo und willkommen!

Mein Name ist Anne – und ich erkunde die Welt auf langsame, bewusste Weise: Auf dem Landweg. Alleine. Mit dem Fahrrad. Meine Leidenschaft habe ich zu meinem Beruf gemacht und teile meine Erlebnisse von unterwegs als Autorin, Fotografin und Vortragende. Inspiration, Entschleunigung und einen Blick für das Wesentliche im Leben – ihr findet all das und mehr in meinen mitreißenden Multimedia-Vorträgen, wunderschönen Fotografie-Drucken und fesselnden Büchern. Lass dich entführen, weit jenseits der ausgetretenen Pfade, sei es in die Häuser und Herzen der Menschen vor Ort oder in die Einsamkeit atemberaubend schöner Natur.

Ich bin noch ganz erfüllt mit Geschichten meines letzten Abenteuers: über ein Jahr unterwegs, inspiriert von den ehrwürdigen Seidenstraßen, mit dem Fahrrad auf Solo-Expedition durch Asien und den Nahen Osten (Reiseberichte findest du hier auf meinem Blog). Ich kann es kaum erwarten, diese Erfahrungen persönlich mit euch zu teilen – und das hoffentlich bald, bevor ich auf meine nächste Expedition aufbreche. Wer weiß, welchen Teil dieses wunderschönen Planeten ich als nächstes erkunden werde?

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Postcards from the Saddle

How about sending some inspiration to your friends and family? Now is your chance – a little selection of my best photographs from the saddle went into print as postcards! Five photos is not enough to do justice to the wonderful landscapes and great people of Asia and the Middle East. Still, I hope they’ll bring the same joy to you as they did to me  when I first laid my eyes on these extraordinary places.

Take a look at the postcards here!
PS: pssst… if you ordered a photo calendar this year, they ship for free 🙂

Photo calendar 2019

Surprise! Another year ahead, another beautiful photo calendar is in print for you.
I am very excited to announce that my new photo calendar – the 2019 edition! I’d be very happy to take your orders.

The calendar follows my journey with 13 new photos from the 13 countries that I explored on my solo cycling expedition through Asia and the Middle East. Thousands of kilometers, more than a year in the saddle. Enjoy stunning photography far off the beaten track, from the awe-inspiring Karakorum in Pakistan to the endless steppe of Mongolia. Find out more about the calendar and have a look at the photos here. Ignite your wanderlust!


Travel reports

Amazing stories, travel reports and stunning photography from the road! You find all of this here on my blog.

The road is teaching me a lot. Every single mountain pass and every desert crossed. The solitude, the silence. So did the countless people who helped me out. Complete strangers who just invited me into their homes, offering me food and shelter. Oftentimes, the most generous people are those who have little to share. I have rarely felt as grateful in my life. I am happy to share these stories with you, stories of wonder and beauty, of solitude and trust. But also the dark side, the despair and the pain, that is part of any journey, sometimes.